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Part I: Feel the game's atmosphere

Take a moment to see the game's trailer and snapshots

Part II: Meet the characters

A rich collection of characters you can play with.
For full description visit the CHARACTERS page

Part III: The story is simple

There is a very clear game plan.
You are going to fight for MONEY! Scroll down to read more

It's year 6612. There is almost no limit for science. The human race finally figured out that killing each other is of no good so there is no war anymore. No murder and there is just peace everywhere. But that's somehow boring for most! They say we all love violence and power deep inside our hearts, and that's why everyone is talking about "Massacre", an insane TV show where crazy and brave fighters from all around the world face deadly robots and creatures for fame and money. Are you ready for the show?

Part IV: Where to find the game

Massacre is now on steam greenlight service. If you like the game you could click on the link below and vote for it to be included on steam storefront.

A free demo will be ready soon, so check back again sometimes in the future